GrowMotion is a robotic moving grow light. GrowMotion allows 1 moving grow light to perform the work of 3 fixed grow lights. GrowMotion is designed for farmers and food service companies that want to reduce energy use and ultimately the cost of running grow lights in a greenhouse or indoor vertical farm. 
Reduce your energy use by over 50% when compared to fixed-mounted lighting. Most of our beta testers find that GrowMotion not only reduces direct energy used for lighting, but also reduces the total heat generated in a grow room. That means your AC bill will be lower as well. As more companies are focused on expanding indoor vertical farming operations, LED lights become the go to light source, but there is a catch. With more LEDs there is more heat generated, which can negatively effect your yields and your AC bill. This is where GrowMotion shines. With a reduction of 2/3 of the grow lights, needed to cover the same space, your HVAC system can take a break and you can enjoy higher profits with higher yields.


GrowMotion can cover over 40 sq ft of grow space using a single grow light compared to the effective grow space of 3 similar fixed grow lights. GrowMotion slides your grow light slowly back-and-forth creating consistent PPFD coverage over your crops. This not only ensures even lighting, but it also reduces hot spots, which can lead to uneven growth and also leaf tip burn. GrowMotion allows your high intensity full spectrum grow lights to shine closer than ever to your crops, for high yields, and richer flavors without burning.



Getting the right light intensity is important for your crops, but knowing about the light spectrum of your grow lights is just as important. Plants utilize different spectrums of light from the sun at different stages of growth. Maximizing your crops exposure to the right wavelengths of light is important for generating the highest yields and ensuring the flavor and texture of your plants are optimal.  
Our lighting options are full spectrum with the highest efficiency diodes, LM301B, manufactured by Samsung. These diodes top out at 2.9 umol/J. Check out the exact spectrum of our quantum board diodes and learn more about the benefits of full spectrum LED for your farm using our Spectrum Analyzer.


We have spent years formulating the best approach to bringing GrowMotion to market and our biggest hurdle was injection molding. So we ditched it and developed our own modular 3D printing factory that prints all the plastic components that go into GrowMotion. We are able to develop at warp speed with no minimal order quantities and unlimited design possibilities.
The rail is made of anodized 6063 T-5 aluminum from a US supplier. GrowMotion is controlled by a microcontroller connected to a high quality stepper driver and stepper motor. This allows for virtually silent operation. The stepper motor propels itself using a double belt-and-pinion carriage for superior positioning and long lasting durability. GrowMotion's moving carriage has a built in power outlet and mounting arm for your grow light. 
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