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Squarefruit Labs Showcasing GrowMotion at The Foundry Art Center in St. Charles, MO

GrowMotion is coming to St. Charles, Missouri. A living wall paired with a GrowMotion 5 and a 42W LED grow light will be on display at The Foundry Art Center, in St. Charles, starting March 12th. This is just a sneak peak of the display that includes real moss, paired with succulents and ferns, expertly design by Anita Hale of Savvy Cosas. The living wall is 48 inches wide by 31 inches high. The display showcases Anita Hale's moss work paired with GrowMotion Lettering that is 3D printed on Squarefruit Labs' Frontier MultiCell 3D printing platform. More information on the Frontier MultiCell platform will be published in the coming weeks. The exhibit is part of a larger show that includes designers and artists...

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